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  • It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of a member of our community and staff team. @DragonCastle has been part of the community since day one and I and a number of the staff team have known her for many years. She has always been the heart of soul of our team always having a joke and a laugh and was a very dedicated person to the EMS, server & community. Dragon has been recently suffering with numerous health issues and passed away on June 19th 2020. DragonCastle will always have a place in our hearts and will forever live on in our happy memories. Rest In Peace Dragon, you will be missed. We have set up a book of condolence on the website for you to share all your memories and these and any messages will be passed on to the family.
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Aug 28, 2019
Capital Life RP is a serious roleplaying server which is based in the world of Grand Theft Auto V (Los Santos). This does not mean you can act like the actual game or the online mode. This means that you act like you are a character of your choice, living on the island of Los Santos. To make sure that the roleplay is at the highest level we have a set of rules which needs to be abide by to keep everyone happy. You have to be 16 years or older to play on our server. The rules will be in this post. If you do break any of these rules in the game you will either get warned, kicked, or banned depending on the situation at hand. Breaking the same rules over and over again will result into a permanent ban. The decision by the staff members should always be fair, if you feel like you were missed treated contact another member of staff then you can have a discussions on the situation.

The rules that you will need to go by are shown below:

1.1 - Bullying and toxic behaviour towards anyone is not tolerated and will result in a ban.
1.2 - Providing false information to a staff member will result in a kick or ban depending on the situation.
1.3 - Encouraging another community member to break the rules will result in a kick or ban.
1.4 - Derogatory remarks about race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. In or out of RP is not allowed.
1.5 - Racial slurs or sexually explicit statements are not allowed on the server, Discord or forums.
1.6 - Threats to community members or the community as a whole will not be tolerated.
1.8 - Age requirement to be able to play on this server is 16 years.
1.9 - Spamming is not allowed. This goes for OOC chat, the forums (e.g. making multiple of the same posts) and Discord.
1.10 - Usage of OOC, LC and /report:

  • 1.10 A - OOC Is for help and not for chatting
    This is used for help/game/server related questions. If someone asks something not everyone has to reply. Usually it's a matter for the support or staff team and they will reply with the right information. Try to not use or type in this chat unless you have to. We don't mind something being said every once and a while but chit chat or conversations are to be held on Discord, not on the server.
  • 1.10 B - LC is to be used only to explain something you cannot say in game
    For example to let someone know you need to be right back, won't be replying due to something IRL, for you to ask something you didn't fully understand, to clarify something regarding a situation that you deem necessary for them to know. It should not be used to have conversations, make plans, insult people, have discussions etc...
  • 1.10 C - Use /Report to reach a member of staff
    If you need a member of staff, please use the /report rather then typing it in OOC. If there's no staff on at the moment, move to the Discord support room. If it's regarding a player, use the player report forum so it can be looked into. Please note that sometimes staff members on are busy or in RP themselves so they might take a minute to reply to your report. Do not start spamming.
1.11 - Fire starting is not tolerated:
Speaking publicly (Public Discords, Streams, chats,...) in any way that creates or fuels negativity OOC towards other members, staff or the community in general will not be tolerated. We expect these issues to be solved privately and directly with the involved party, or with the help of a staff member. If you have any issues with anyone or anything, you are to use the forums to report them. Actions will be taken determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity. We will always opt for a conversation (with a member of staff) first. However, if it gets out of hand immediate and permanent removal from the community is possible too.

2.1 - Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM).
Using any vehicle as a weapon is not allowed. (e.g running people over, ramming into their vehicles, etc...).

2.2 - Random Deathmatch (RDM).
Killing someone without engaging in any form of roleplay (E.g not giving people enough time to comply with your demands. Repeating words such as “hands up or you're going to die” and countdowns are not considered quality roleplay. Please attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before (attempting to) killing someone. You have to think about if your character would actually kill the person..

2.3 - Using any sort of modification that changes the functionality of the game is not permitted while you are logged into our servers.
e.g mods/cheats, crosshairs, etc… Punishment is a ban. Map mods and visual mods are exempt.

2.4 - Abusing game mechanics under any circumstance is not allowed and will be punished with a kick or ban.
Examples of this are: Using emotes to go through doors/walls, removing items from your inventory while down or cuffed, transferring/processing items through walls and windows, taking guns from emergency vehicles, taking guns from NPC's, etc...

2.5 - Using and/or abusing any exploits or bugs is not allowed and will result in a warning, kick or ban depending on the severity.
If you discover an exploit or bug, please report it using Eve on the Discord, the forums or contact a staff member on Discord.

2.5 - Combat logging is not allowed.
Combat logging is leaving when you’re in an active RP situation. This includes logging out and back in to get yourself back up, respawning on an active scene, logging out to not get caught by police etc... . If your game has frozen/crashed, please let a staff member know as soon as possible to prevent any misunderstandings.

2.6 - No trolling
The following examples are considered trolling, however, there are multiple others, so we advise common sense: Throwing yourself in front of vehicles, playing music through your microphone, jumping off buildings without RP, spamming OOC chat...

2.7 - Trading any sort of in-game items/services for real life money is not permitted.
This is due to the fact that we do not want to be looking like a commercial entity, or any of our members for that case.

2.8 - Idling is not allowed and will result in a kick.
The server has only a certain number of slots so when people idle on the server it limits the number of people that you can actually roleplay with. So, if you are going to be idle please leave the server until you are ready to play again.

2.9 - Kidnapping / Hostage Taking of Emergency Services:
  • 2.9 A - Police can only be taken when the Police Presence is High
  • 2.9 B - EMS Medics are only allowed to be shot or taken hostage when Police is on High and EMS are Medium.
2.10 - Crimes on local police are only allowed when both parties agree. If agreed to do crimes on Local police, the New Life Rule will fall away.
You shouldn’t be, for example, holding people up, robbing, kidnapping, etc… while police is on local. Initiating a crime yourself (such as stealing a car, hitting someone, holding someone up…) is considered giving consent to pvp as you are the one starting it. When both parties agree to do crimes on Local police, the New Life Rule will fall away, giving the other person an opportunity to report the crimes once police gets in town. Crimes on low police are allowed (For example; robbing players, stealing cars, petty crimes etc...)

2.11 - Stealing emergency vehicles (with exception of the police motorbike):
This can be done over RP. Taking an Emergency vehicle just because it's unlocked is not allowed. It has to be your only/last way out or it has to make sense for you to be taking it at that very moment. You are not allowed to just drive them around and any trolling will be punished.

2.12 - Stealing of Helicopters or Aircraft in general is not allowed without express permission from the Management Team in advance.

3.1 - Using the out of character chat (OOC) to gain in character (IC) information is not allowed.

E.g. share/use information that may influence actions in-game or that could give players information about something that is going to happen/happened in-game.

3.2 - Somebody must tell you their name for you to know it.
You are not allowed to identify players in-game via their OOC name or their player id (number above head) nor can you get their name from /me’s or /do’s done by the person.

3.3 - Stream sniping/TS ghosting will result in a kick or ban.
Searching streams to see what people are doing (e.g seeing if police are in a certain location, finding players locations, then acting on this information). This also means you cannot sit in the TeamSpeak radio while on a different character or when doing something else off duty.

3.4 - Using 3rd party communication is not allowed.
You are not allowed to be using Discord, skype, TS… to communicate about things in game. Acting on any information given through a 3rd party software (e.g TeamSpeak, discord, Skype, etc) is not permitted. Using out of game communication to encourage other players to log on and sway the result of an event or roleplay situation is forbidden. Similarly, joining the server using metagamed information is forbidden. Punishment is a kick or ban.

3.8 - Your character only knows the information that you have been told in the game.

3.9 - Sharing information between characters belonging to the same user is prohibited.

The focus of RP should be roleplaying with others rather than playing all the roles yourself. Examples to this also include creating a new character doing the exact same thing as your previous character did with the same people or using knowledge gained on an LEO character on your criminal character.

3.10 - No sharing money /items between your own characters.
This includes using a friend's character, giving them them the money/items you intend to hand over to your other character.

A new life means that your character has respawned after being downed. You will still be the same character you played before, however your
character will have to forget all events and information from the last 15 minutes leading up to being downed.

4.1 - When you respawn, your character does not remember the last 15 minutes of RP leading up to being downed
Your character does not remember where any of its vehicles outside of the garage are, Your character cannot return within 500m (ish) of the location of death or be involved in the same situation player died from until 10 minutes has gone since respawn, your character does still remember their friends & gang members. You will forget everything said and everyone involved unless a note was left.

5.1 - Quality of RP

Quality of RP is defined as failure to uphold the standards of RP expected by our community and staff. Poor quality of RP will be looked at case by case, as we understand some people are new and we all started somewhere. However we expect improvement as we want everyone to have a good and as realistic experience as possible. Examples include having No Value of Life, failRP such as shooting in hospitals, Violence inside MRPD, failing to initiate ...

5.2 - Combat storing is not allowed
(e.g storing a vehicle whilst you are being chased to prevent roleplay)

5.3 - You require a working microphone on our server.

5.4 - Roleplaying subjects like rape or other questionable related subjects will not be tolerated.

You are required to stop as soon as requested by people involved. Questionable subjects like e.g real-life terrorism, torture and self harm can be done with high tier RP, however you will need consent from all parties involved.

5.5 - Cop baiting is not allowed and will result in a kick.
Baiting for the sake of a gunfight/fight or for a police chase is not roleplay. (E.g doing doughnuts in front of cops, confessing to a crime to then speed away from the scene, robbing a store/bank with the intent of a gunfight, etc.)

5.6 - Do not break character unless a member of the staff team authorises you to speak out of character.

5.7 - Killing someone must be done with high-quality RP and a viable reason.

You cannot decide to execute or kill someone’s character off unless they agree to it. Killing someone must be carried out with high-quality roleplay, put your hands up or I will shoot etc is considered low-quality RP and may lead to a ban/kick for RDM/FailRP.

5.8 -GTA:O Driving is not allowed.
This includes but is not limited to: Driving unrealistic speeds in the city, taking unrealistic jumps, driving and crashing into everything, unrealistic off road driving with certain vehicles etc
This will be up to staff discretion & each situation will be viewed differently.

5.9 - Failing to tell people that you have others involved in the situation that are not visible will be classed as failRP.
You have to let other people know there are people outside or watching from a distance or hidden. When robbing a bank or store or when getting involved in a situation with other people, you should make the officers and others aware of the people that are involved. For example saying: “we got 3 people in the bank and people watching on the outside”.

5.10 - Using anything that has been taken off you or that you are limited to use is considered failRP.
E.g When your phone has been taken or your radio has been removed, you cannot be using it and will have to rp out getting it back before you’ll be able to use it again.

5.11 - You are not allowed to impersonate police officers or EMS.
This includes impersonating them while off duty if they are high command. This is because it's a whitelisted job, which if you do impersonate an officer it puts the reputation of the server on the line.

5.12 - When you are performing actions in game (e.g taking someone's phone) you should always use /me’s and /do’s, as this confirms the action has been done.
When using these commands, it shall not be abused. This means you cannot magically lock pick out of jail cells, everything should be carried out realistically in RP. If you do not do /do this means you have not completed the action.

5.13 - Taking/Stealing any Military Vehicles is forbidden - The system will auto ban anyone driving/flying these vehicles.

5.14 - Powergaming is not allowed

This includes but is not limited to forcing people into situations where they have no other choice. For example forcing people to take money out of their bank accounts, or forcing them to give them the actual key to their car. This will result into actions taken against you.

5.15 - Any of your characters need to have a serious name
Famous people will not be accepted, nor will tv/movie characters. You’ll be asked to change your name if you have any of those.

5.16 - Armed Crimes:
The firing of guns should be a last resort, however, in all cases the use of weapons must be initiated in some form.
E.g. If you have someone else in the area you should mention this.

5.17 - Police/EMS Specific - No Corruption
At this time we do not allow Police or EMS to roleplay Corruption as the police force / EMS is not large enough to support it. If however, you have an idea which would support a large amount of roleplay you should contact a member of staff.

5.18 - Train Tracks:
Using the Subway system or Train Track for driving vehicles on should not be done. IRL there would be trains and as we have a train system built in you will need to RP that the trains exist. In detail, using the subways with a vehicle is not allowed. Overground trains (Paleto / Sandy one) can be used for max of 1 min.

This section will detail the maximum number of each purchasable service you can buy as a player across all of your characters:
6.1 - Gas Stations - 1
6.2 - LS Customs - 1
6.3 - (Gun) Stores - 1
6.4 - Houses - 1 per character
6.5 - Hotels - 2 per character

Maximum number of members allowed in any group/gang:
Unofficial Gangs: 5 Members
Official Factions: 15 Members
Maximum number of members that can be Involved in active situations at any one time: 5
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