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  2. if you have the keys to a player owned vehicle then you can store it, you can't store stolen cars.
  3. Mori

    Givekey Option?

    Please follow the template for suggestions next time. Also you can already share keys with a person you wish. You won't be able to store the car tho.
  4. Since we can't store stolen vehicles in personal house garages anymore maybe a /givecarkey option to nearest players to share cars with friends at least and be able to store them since you have a key to your friends car?
  5. DISCORD NAME: iamgreig CHARACTER NAME: D.Mackintosh SUGGESTION: So I've been watching Unr3alTV's stream and he, like others, block out their screen or a part of the screen to block the pin from being shown. Sometimes though, they forget the overlay and pin is shown. In a ideal world it shouldnt be a issue but we all know people can/will stream snipe. My suggestion - Have either a toggle to allow you to show or hide the passcode. A example could be when entering it show's the * charachter's or simply is blank when the toggle is activated to hide the pin. If a toggle wasnt a option perhaps when you first set the pin code up it shows you then but everytime after it is blank or *'s. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It's not a major suggestion, just a QOL thing but could save someone from a troll at some point.
  6. as long as you dont want the weight on the vehicle changed, cus thats really nice. i think the handeling is good enough
  7. Brakes have been improved
  8. NuttyJim


    As above, there will be financing for houses coming soon.
  9. vivilanco


    I believe there is plans for a 'financing' option (when purchasing houses) in the pipeline. This, as far as I am aware, may fall into that category.
  10. Jeff


    DISCORD NAME: Cpt_Jeff_CHARACTER NAME: Mandie GeorgeSUGGESTION: Think it be kinda cool if instead of having to grind to get a load of money from the start, people should be able to get mortgages from the bank. Bank could set up criteria that people would have to meet to get the loans.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Think it would be better for people that want to rp the struggle of living paying all the bill etc. Also has potential to add rp ie someone plays the bank manager or if people miss payments you could have baliffs. I think this would help promote rp not just grinding to get a house.
  11. Discord name: Hagnäs#0517 Character name: Abdi Samarya Suggestion: My suggestion is about the car "Pegassi Tempesta". I would think it would have been nice if you could make the handling and the brakes a little bit better. The car costs 1 million dollars but if feels like just a normal car you get from Simeons in handling and braking. As it is one of the few "Lambo-lookalikes" I think it should be better than that. Top speed and acceleration is great though. Additional Information: As said before it's one of the few Lamborghini looking cars and if people for example me wants a lambo and gets the tempesta it's kind of disappointing when the brakes and the handling are bad.
  12. Babe❤️


  13. ** Uploaded and vpn gos back to wheels in motion. ** title of upload: Will The Cops Do God Will If I Take The People Paying The SINNERS! Untitled.mp4
  14. Vid With letter giving to babs Untitled.wmv
  15. Name: Matthew "Matty D" Dixon Age: 28 Backstory: Matt Dixon, or Matty D aka "Dix" as his boys know to call him, was a self-described legend on the ULSA (University of San Andreas, Los Santos) campus. A proud brother of the Kappa Epsilion Kappa (KEK) fraternity, Matty D. was much more worried about the next chapter party than his next exam. Once he'd taken enough botany to know the basics of hydroponics and enough foreign language credits to say "Respect the drip" and “Yo, Shorty what your name is?” in just enough other languages to make sure the international students knew just how Matty D got down, what more did he REALLY need to learn? Much to his Liberty City lawyer father’s chagrin, this was about the extent of Matt's life planning, he'd fully intended to be a lifelong KEK brother, ride or die road dog and the reigning beer pong champion of USLA as long as his family's old school east coast trust fund money could hold out. The bad news for Matt was that exactly that happened just a few weeks into his third senior year. In this new circumstance, just what is a lifelong frat bro, frequently banned nightclub patron, and drop culture fashion addict supposed to do now that he’s stranded in San Andreas without daddy's money, any real job skills or for that matter work ethic? If only there had been more credit hours devoted to Supreme drops, the finer points of local microbreweries, and the observable effects of White Claw consumption, Matty could have arguably been much more employable. Despite his party boy bluster and bravado, Matt is an intelligent guy, on the rare occasions he chooses to apply himself. His years as a KEK brother, master of pledges, and general wingmanning have instilled a fierce loyalty into him for anyone he sees as ‘his tribe’.
  16. Official Babs Lacuna again! 



  19. Remember what happends when u forget where you are. A simple talk , a save place is all of the sudden not so save anymore. For u know it could be the end. Or it could be the beginning


  20. This is a public message in my feed.

  21. TheWildRP

    Keys & Commands

    Updated 26.11.2019
  22. Name : Gavin Murdock When he was around 22 he was in a car accident and chipped a vertebrae. Around 3 years laters he slipped a disc when he slipped on ice.
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