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  2. When im thinking about it, i didnt write something myself. So yeah, i am really into classic rock and hard rock, me myself play in a well known Hard rock band in my town called Innestæmme, wich means inside voice. We play concerts all the time and we have played support for other big artists in norway. A band called Virkelig, wich is one of our inspirations, have helped us with writing music, wich is awesome. Music has allways been a really important part of my life and it will always be. I grew up in a home with my dad singing opera, and he has allways done that. i was listening ro bach and mozart all the time because of that (wich is nice music). I listen to Indie Rock all the time to, i usually play rock music on my streams and when i play a game. i feel that it gives me a type of strength. Im not about that pop music/rap. i dont like it, i can listen to it but its not my type of music. As you might know, i play drums, and i have played drums for about 7 years. and i enjoy it very much. I have also been in a studio and recorded with my band, The rolling stones have been in that studio and practised and we worked with the same producer as alexander rybak (the person who wrote the song "fairytale") wich was on the top list of most known songs in the world for some time. that producer has also written it with him. We are probably going to keep on working with him on stuff in the future wich would be fantastic! We are going to be releasing a new single on spotify soon (the next months), so i hope you would like to listen in on it when it comes 😄
  3. Babs Lacuna-Trotter 😄❤️

  4. I love so many different kinds of music I can't even keep track anymore, I usually gravitate towards Rock and Pop, but I also really love the 80s genre. But the genre of music I listen too usually depends on the region that music comes from. Now of course the stereotypical gay inside of me will always gravitate towards my pop diva's, but in my teenage years I mostly listened to Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Paramore. You can never go wrong with a cheesy 90s - early 2000s bop (Totally no S-Club 7, which I still do not listen to and not have a playlist on my spotify for that era 🙄) As for instruments, I play the piano, guitar, and ukelele. When I was in middle - high school I used to be in an orchestra where I played the double bass, that big ol thang. I have since forgotten how to play double bass once I was done with that part of school. I'm the kind that can't go anywhere without music at all, if I have to travel and it involves me sitting around waiting, I can't do anything else but listen to music, nothing else can pass the time for me, even if I am just popping down the shop I need it to fill the time space between here and there xD
  5. I can listen to literally anything. I am more of a lyrics person tho. But I almost always have music on.
  6. Most things Hip Hop / Rap. Favourite Artist being X who, for those that don't know, was killed back in June of 2018 (RIP). I'll listen to basically anything though, I'm not too closed minded unlike a lot of people who are just infatuated with one and one artist only.
  7. Nice! Thats my kind of music 😄
  8. I love me some rock / alt / punk / ska / metal (you get the idea) but I will listen to almost anything. Except dubstep. fuck dubstep! I used to play bass. I still have my Thunderbird and Jazz basses but haven't picked it up in over 2 years.
  9. I cant play anything but used to be able to play Keyboard (kinda miss it but hey ho) Listen to anything really but I am an 80s kid 😉
  10. Only listen to it, I'm mainly into grime and other hip hop. Favorite band of all time though is Imagine Dragons. (Also any song I send over to @Keiran Powerhe says is shit and two days later he is singing it in a voice call)
  11. What music do you like? So, if you didnt know, im really interested in music. i play in a band when im not at school and i love it. What music do you like? Do you play any instrument? Do you play in a band or are you an artist? What interest do you have in music in general?
  12. I can almost here @Keiran Powers ego being inflated from here... 😉 its been a very very welcoming community and I’ve enjoyed it. Thank you all for making that so.
  13. I started with roleplay on Arma 3 wich didnt go so well xD. i then took a long break until i started watching gta roleplay videos and streams. i then wanted to apply for whitelist on a norwegian whitelisted server, but they told me that i couldnt join because i didnt know jack shitt about roleplaying. they told me i could have annother chance if i just roleplay on annother server for atleast 2 weeks and get to know how to roleplay and such. i then found @Keiran Power 's community for about a year ago and started to roleplay there, and i have just been with this community ever since, i have really enjoyed the roleplay i have had with this community, and i really wanna make some more good memories from it.
  14. I just found an older server from a Twitch streamer I liked and it came out that Keiran was the developer and I really liked the way the server was being made so I tried it out and I kind of got hooked on it. Not a lot of games give you such experience where you can make long lasting friends and enemies and go through a lot of stuff and I loved it. I've stuck with Keiran's servers for the past few years now 😄
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      Finally Got Her A C63S :)

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      You are crazy!!!

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  17. I watched a good streamer friend of mine a couple of years ago RPing on another server. After a few weeks he convinced me to download fiveM as well and so I did. At first I had no clue what was going on but because I watched a lot of it on stream I had some ideas. Somehow within my first week I got myself balls deep into the criminal life and spent some good times there. At one day, I was in a van with someone from the Lost MC I was with and we were kidnapping someone; A random dude which happens to know my friend walked by so I shouted "Hop in, we're gonna kidnap this dude" at him. The guy hopping into the back of the van happened to be @Elijah; he was management/head admin or whatever it was called on the server I rped on. I had no idea about that. Fast forward to today, him and I have been together for over a year so far and hopefully many more to come. Nutty, Speed and Dragon were all staff on that same server. After a few issues, we migrated to a place called Revival Life RP where we met Keiran and a bunch of others. Some drama happened and we went through a split; which is when Capital Life RP was born. I've met Nutty and Keiran and Speed and had some great rainy days in Wales with them, as well as a very hot day in a theme park. I'm grateful for that other city and RP because without it, I wouldn't have met Elijah. Or any of these wonderful people. ❤️
  18. I started RP piss ages ago on roblox when I was very young then moved to GMod then one day my boy Marvin (very few will remember this legend) brought me into FiveM. We tried multiple servers and we eventually stuck with RevivalLifeRP, which even though at the time had very few players the server had potential and that’s why we stuck. I think my first interaction was being a lumber jack and Marvin telling me there’s a murder kitty behind me whilst I was stuck in an animation. Safe to say he was cruelly laughing whilst I was bashing my E muscle expecting it to stop the animation. Safe to say I got mauled by a Murder Kitty then of course it became CapitalLifeRP, and I’ve not gone to another server. This was my first FiveM server and tbqh I wouldn’t go anywhere else
  19. For me, RP is a way to explore my creativity in an alternative form. I started watching it on Twitch as a different content to absorbe to my normal games, and it drew me in because of the storylines etc. That's what also gets me going about other cities, the storylines etc. The diverse nature and the way people play their characters.
  20. I want to start this thread by stating: it's not a suggestion thread - it's simply a topic of discussion. What bought you into RP? And if you visit / have come from / seen other cities (via twitch etc.), what do you like about them that's different to ours?
  21. Updated 30th September 2019
  22. IM JT! Johnny Trotter! $5 ill share my initials 🙂
  23. I love me Babs ❤️ 🙂

  24. I love u❤️ Matching GTR/R6


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      Couldnt be more perfect babe

  25. Turn off FiveM. Open steam, go to big picture mode (Icon in top right of Steam with two arrows in diagonal corners) Hit the setting cog, go to Base configurations Select Desktop mode Click on Templates And select Gamepad JUST gamepad, not Gamepad + anything Apply configuration TL:DR Big picture mode -> Settings cog -> Base configurations -> Desktop configurations -> browse configs (bottom) Templates -> gamepad -> Apply
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