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  4. Remember what happends when u forget where you are. A simple talk , a save place is all of the sudden not so save anymore. For u know it could be the end. Or it could be the beginning


  5. This is a public message in my feed.

  6. TheWildRP

    Keys & Commands

    Updated 26.11.2019
  7. Name : Gavin Murdock When he was around 22 he was in a car accident and chipped a vertebrae. Around 3 years laters he slipped a disc when he slipped on ice.
  8. Name: Theodor Jackson Age: 1991-2019 Theodor was a kid grew up on the harsh street of Los Santos with no one to take care off him but himself and a couple of his close friends. He got into crime to earn money for a living but his ambitions soon overgrew just the need for basic human needs, he started selling drugs and dealing with illegal weaponary with a plan to climb to the top and finally claim what he felt was his: the whole world! He managed to persuade one of his homies to start a new Families set next to South LS garage and push out the Vagos out of the territory and claim the street as their own. Everything was going fine for some time and the vagos seemed to back off from Macdonald street but not for long. They would often linger in the alley across from South LS garage and try to disrespect young Theodor Jackson that lived just one fence away from the alley. No need to say he got in trouble with the law often but always managed to use his charisma to stay outside of the cage some call prison. His life was put in danger multiple times by the surrounding gangs and other dangerous characters coming into the area but he persisted in creating something for himself. Shortly after the economy crumbled, he lost his house, his belongings and everything he put in work for. He was forced to come back crawling to the original Families set in Chamberlain Hills. He was filled with rage and sadness which resulted in him becoming a fullblown shitlord trying to inflict damage on the system, the police and the sorrounding gangs of South Los Santos. Most of his homies from the last set left the criminal life trying to get legal jobs but Theodor could never manage to forgive the system for taking away all he had! In all his rage and agony he was shot down by multiple police officers on Forum drive behind the church resulting in him succumbing to the wounds on the spot and dying from a bullet to the neck. He left all his belongings to a lawyer to spread it out to a few people he was close with and had a funeral arranged by a lovely lady called Babs that was one of the few people he hung out with that wasn't considered crazy. He saw her as his close friend...that was the end of his story. To this day he is famous for his /dance3 and ultimate shitlord skills which he would use to fuck with the police and all the other residents of Los Santos.
  9. Name: Kane Johnson Age: 33 Kane was born and raised in South Central Los Santos, was brought into the Ballas gang at a young age following the footsteps of his father, uncle and older brothers. Was it willingly or forcefully? Even he doesnt' remember since it was at a young age and this life is all he knows. He never finished school, combined with his criminal record this means Kane has a very hard time finding a legal job and has no other choice but to represent the gang he grew up with and keep hustling on the streets. Its a suprise that he hasn't already ended up with life behind bars or a shallow grave but he knows those days are getting closer since most of his homies are getting massacred by authorities trying to stop gang activity, dying in gang related shootouts, serving life in jail or giving in to the dark underground of drug using and drug trade. Most of his days he spends drinking 40's and smoking blunts chillin down at grove st. reminiscing on the old days where being down for you set meant something, nowadays most of the gang bangers are bloodthirty drug fiends trying to shoot at everyone and everything they see. As one of the OG's of the ballas set that formed on grove st. and convenant avenue he is one of the few homeboys that remains since day one. Since the loss of most of those closest to him he has been trying to put the ballas back on their feet, stop drug dealers from profiting from his homies, and getting new recruits that understand the old school way of handling business on the street. ESBG! FK, VK all day.
  10. Name: William Shrine Age: 22 (I think?) Backstory: Shrine was a British Constable that had served for two years before moving over to the United States. He’s not had much of a connection to family and easily secludes himself from others, albeit friends or family. He will always focus on the thing that is important and will let all emotion build up, but he doesn’t care - As long as if the task at hand is completed, he’s happy. Upon arriving in Los Santos, William Shrine was focusing on his policing career managing to get up to Sergeant before the governments administration changed to capital. He found a beautiful partner, Minerva Maat, and is now married to her. He’s had some tough times in the city, however due to his year of experience in the force in this city, he’s aware of what goes on and doesn’t take up for any bullshit. He will always go by his two mottos, The greatest mistake in life is to not make any, and that he’ll be nice to you if your nice to him. OOC: Shrine is actually almost like me IRL. How my mood is IRL affects shrines mood, how he handles things is exactly how I do IRL. I try to connect Shrine to me as much as I can as he’s my main.
  11. Name: Mike (Blue) Sapphire Age: 33 Backstory: Mike (Blue) Sapphire, moved to the states to make something of himself, or at least, be less of a hinderance to quintessential middleclass family. Before the move, Mike was your average white guy who was hard to pick out of a crowd. Something that worked to his darker nature. He worked a desk job in sales in a grey cube in a bland building. Since the move, Mike has dyed his hair, come out of his shell and found his feet dealing with people of all nature and creed. Mike has always felt he’s the man of the people. The every man’s friend. Or at least that’s what he’s trying to be. He has a dislike for violence and will do what he can to avoid it – to that end, he often finds himself being his own worst enemy. In trying to please people, he has found himself getting drawn into helping people in less than fortunate circumstances- it’s a flaw in his character that he knows will get him in trouble. So far he’s avoided getting into too much trouble with the law, but he’s had a few close calls - that’s not to say he doesn’t have a few backup plans should things go south! Mike doesn't mind getting messy but his dislike of violence and his anxieties sometimes get the better of him. He is a hard worker, for the right price, he's here to make some money after all. Ultimately, He'd ideally like to find a partner and settle down as well as owning / running his own company doing something or other (he’s not decided yet).
  12. Everyone has one. It’s not always glamorous, but often essential to how we act and do what we do in the city. Whynot give us a rundown of your characters backstories below. Please try not to merge posts (one reply per character would be awesome as it allows readers to distinguish between characters). Remember, don’t post information you don’t want the general city to know, and please observe the rules (particularly regarding meta gaming when reading other people’s posts).
  13. No you are not seeing double! This here is Maxime and the other one is Babs. You might believe this but im an angel compared with her! You know we where both in a 100% female mc? We use to do a lot together and now... she is back! Expect more from us ;) 


  14. Mori

    Dirt Money

    You have to find out in RP. You cannot use any out of game information as that would be metagaming.
  15. hi so i have a lot of dirt money (marked bills) and was wondering how do you unmark them
    • Imagine there's no heaven
    • It's easy if you try
    • No hell below us
    • Above us only sky
    • Imagine all the people
    • Living for today (ah ah ah)
    • Imagine there's no countries
    • It isn't hard to do
    • Nothing to kill or die for
    • And no religion, too
    • Imagine all the people
    • Living life in peace
    • You may say that I'm a dreamer
    • But I'm not the only one
    • I hope someday you'll join us
    • And the world will be as one
    • Imagine no possessions
    • I wonder if you can
    • No need for greed or hunger
    • A brotherhood of man
    • Imagine all the people
    • Sharing all the world
    • You may say that I'm a dreamer
    • But I'm not the only one
    • I hope someday you'll join us
    • And the world will live as one
  16. So apparantly the goverment hired a new sales man in the hospital! He now aswell sels flowers! Ooh... u need to smell them. There so amazing! 



  17. Bad boys bad boys 


  18. When I kept my desk clean it was nice 🙂


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