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  1. if you have the keys to a player owned vehicle then you can store it, you can't store stolen cars.
  2. Updated 30th September 2019
  3. it has recently crossed my mind that a few people in the community use controllers, i am looking at fixing a couple of the issues people face when using a controller but in order for me to do i am going to need your guys help if you are aware of any issues with the controller on our server please post them below.....
  4. yes this is an updated version, i couldn't find the guide when i went looking. though i had hidden this topic to staff only so they could write a guide for it
  5. How to install Download the CLRP Texture Pack Navigate to your fivem application data folder (find your fivem app, right click and click open file location) Unzip the clrp_texture_pack.zip Drag the citizen file into the fivem application data folder, replacing files Boot up your game & pray it does not break Enjoy!
  6. Keiran Power

    Weed System

    Our New Weed System When Harvesting male plants there is a 50% chance that they will provide you female seeds, Female seeds can be used to grow the actual weed buds, when harvesting female plants you will receive wet buds Drying Table - Purchasable Product The drying table is a table that can be used to dry your wet buds, Wet buds can be dried or used to craft cannabis oil, How to craft cannabis oil?, cannabis oil is crafted by click use on 15 wet buds next to the drying table, cannabis oil can be sold to npc's Dry buds can be used to craft joints, grams and ounces of weed, these items can be sold to players or npc's Joints - can be crafted by clicking use on 1 dry bud Weed 1g - can be crafted by clicking use on 2 dry buds Weed 1oz - can be crafted by clicking use on 10 bags of weed (CANNOT BE SOLD YET)
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