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  1. Babe❤️


  2. Official Babs Lacuna again! 


  4. Remember what happends when u forget where you are. A simple talk , a save place is all of the sudden not so save anymore. For u know it could be the end. Or it could be the beginning


  5. No you are not seeing double! This here is Maxime and the other one is Babs. You might believe this but im an angel compared with her! You know we where both in a 100% female mc? We use to do a lot together and now... she is back! Expect more from us ;) 


  6. So apparantly the goverment hired a new sales man in the hospital! He now aswell sels flowers! Ooh... u need to smell them. There so amazing! 



  7. Bad boys bad boys 


  8. Babs Lacuna-Trotter 😄❤️

  9. I love u❤️ Matching GTR/R6


    1. uNr3aL`


      Couldnt be more perfect babe

  10. Sooo yeah... let me try to explain. U all know i have a past with Some Guys in town. Last time i was active on this page i was dating the chief. And he is still a really cool person but just not right for me. I met someone else someone where i dont need to pay attention all the time with everything im doing. Im happy. Happy with JT❤️ And ofcourse u all Will talk again with damn who is it next week, but u know what. I dont give a shit of what u all think! And yea chief and i are still good friends

  11. I just got a gtr from by babe😩😩 i love u JT!!❤️

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