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  1. as long as you dont want the weight on the vehicle changed, cus thats really nice. i think the handeling is good enough
  2. TheWildRP

    Keys & Commands

    Updated 26.11.2019
    • Imagine there's no heaven
    • It's easy if you try
    • No hell below us
    • Above us only sky
    • Imagine all the people
    • Living for today (ah ah ah)
    • Imagine there's no countries
    • It isn't hard to do
    • Nothing to kill or die for
    • And no religion, too
    • Imagine all the people
    • Living life in peace
    • You may say that I'm a dreamer
    • But I'm not the only one
    • I hope someday you'll join us
    • And the world will be as one
    • Imagine no possessions
    • I wonder if you can
    • No need for greed or hunger
    • A brotherhood of man
    • Imagine all the people
    • Sharing all the world
    • You may say that I'm a dreamer
    • But I'm not the only one
    • I hope someday you'll join us
    • And the world will live as one
  3. When im thinking about it, i didnt write something myself. So yeah, i am really into classic rock and hard rock, me myself play in a well known Hard rock band in my town called Innestæmme, wich means inside voice. We play concerts all the time and we have played support for other big artists in norway. A band called Virkelig, wich is one of our inspirations, have helped us with writing music, wich is awesome. Music has allways been a really important part of my life and it will always be. I grew up in a home with my dad singing opera, and he has allways done that. i was listening ro bach and mozart all the time because of that (wich is nice music). I listen to Indie Rock all the time to, i usually play rock music on my streams and when i play a game. i feel that it gives me a type of strength. Im not about that pop music/rap. i dont like it, i can listen to it but its not my type of music. As you might know, i play drums, and i have played drums for about 7 years. and i enjoy it very much. I have also been in a studio and recorded with my band, The rolling stones have been in that studio and practised and we worked with the same producer as alexander rybak (the person who wrote the song "fairytale") wich was on the top list of most known songs in the world for some time. that producer has also written it with him. We are probably going to keep on working with him on stuff in the future wich would be fantastic! We are going to be releasing a new single on spotify soon (the next months), so i hope you would like to listen in on it when it comes 😄
  4. Nice! Thats my kind of music 😄
  5. What music do you like? So, if you didnt know, im really interested in music. i play in a band when im not at school and i love it. What music do you like? Do you play any instrument? Do you play in a band or are you an artist? What interest do you have in music in general?
  6. I started with roleplay on Arma 3 wich didnt go so well xD. i then took a long break until i started watching gta roleplay videos and streams. i then wanted to apply for whitelist on a norwegian whitelisted server, but they told me that i couldnt join because i didnt know jack shitt about roleplaying. they told me i could have annother chance if i just roleplay on annother server for atleast 2 weeks and get to know how to roleplay and such. i then found @Keiran Power 's community for about a year ago and started to roleplay there, and i have just been with this community ever since, i have really enjoyed the roleplay i have had with this community, and i really wanna make some more good memories from it.
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