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  1. DISCORD NAME: iamgreig CHARACTER NAME: D.Mackintosh SUGGESTION: So I've been watching Unr3alTV's stream and he, like others, block out their screen or a part of the screen to block the pin from being shown. Sometimes though, they forget the overlay and pin is shown. In a ideal world it shouldnt be a issue but we all know people can/will stream snipe. My suggestion - Have either a toggle to allow you to show or hide the passcode. A example could be when entering it show's the * charachter's or simply is blank when the toggle is activated to hide the pin. If a toggle wasnt a option perhaps when you first set the pin code up it shows you then but everytime after it is blank or *'s. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It's not a major suggestion, just a QOL thing but could save someone from a troll at some point.
  2. Name : Gavin Murdock When he was around 22 he was in a car accident and chipped a vertebrae. Around 3 years laters he slipped a disc when he slipped on ice.
  3. Is this one updated from the one in the guides section ? capitalliferp.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13-clrp-texture-pack/
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