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  1. Hi there! I'm Gigi, my real name is Destiny but if anyone called me Gigi IRL, I would most likely respond. I'm 28 and from the United States. Specifically, Colorado. I'm currently a student about to finish my Bachelors in Psychology with a focus on addiction and recovery. I'm unemployed at the moment but I am now interning at a local addiction treatment center for my degree program. If I'm not on the server, I'm interning or I'm hanging out on Twitch. I'm a Twitch streamer myself so while I don't have a job currently, I do consider Twitch to be a part time job. I'm a variety streamer but as of recently it's been a lot of GTA RP; I've been having such a blast with it and meeting so many wonderful people. I play Poppy mostly on the server - peace loving weed maker who doesn't believe in violence and just wants to do the right thing for everyone. Paige was my first character but she's retired for the time being since I'm drama went down...I've had a lot of fun with Poppy. Can't wait to see what else Poppy gets into in the city!
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