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  1. Name: William Shrine Age: 22 (I think?) Backstory: Shrine was a British Constable that had served for two years before moving over to the United States. He’s not had much of a connection to family and easily secludes himself from others, albeit friends or family. He will always focus on the thing that is important and will let all emotion build up, but he doesn’t care - As long as if the task at hand is completed, he’s happy. Upon arriving in Los Santos, William Shrine was focusing on his policing career managing to get up to Sergeant before the governments administration changed to capital. He found a beautiful partner, Minerva Maat, and is now married to her. He’s had some tough times in the city, however due to his year of experience in the force in this city, he’s aware of what goes on and doesn’t take up for any bullshit. He will always go by his two mottos, The greatest mistake in life is to not make any, and that he’ll be nice to you if your nice to him. OOC: Shrine is actually almost like me IRL. How my mood is IRL affects shrines mood, how he handles things is exactly how I do IRL. I try to connect Shrine to me as much as I can as he’s my main.
  2. Only listen to it, I'm mainly into grime and other hip hop. Favorite band of all time though is Imagine Dragons. (Also any song I send over to @Keiran Powerhe says is shit and two days later he is singing it in a voice call)
  3. I started RP piss ages ago on roblox when I was very young then moved to GMod then one day my boy Marvin (very few will remember this legend) brought me into FiveM. We tried multiple servers and we eventually stuck with RevivalLifeRP, which even though at the time had very few players the server had potential and that’s why we stuck. I think my first interaction was being a lumber jack and Marvin telling me there’s a murder kitty behind me whilst I was stuck in an animation. Safe to say he was cruelly laughing whilst I was bashing my E muscle expecting it to stop the animation. Safe to say I got mauled by a Murder Kitty then of course it became CapitalLifeRP, and I’ve not gone to another server. This was my first FiveM server and tbqh I wouldn’t go anywhere else
  4. DISCORD: Zambie#1134 (I cant copy my smiley face on my phone) CHARACTER NAME: William Shrine TEAM: Defend
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