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    I believe there is plans for a 'financing' option (when purchasing houses) in the pipeline. This, as far as I am aware, may fall into that category.
  2. This is a public message in my feed.

  3. Name: Mike (Blue) Sapphire Age: 33 Backstory: Mike (Blue) Sapphire, moved to the states to make something of himself, or at least, be less of a hinderance to quintessential middleclass family. Before the move, Mike was your average white guy who was hard to pick out of a crowd. Something that worked to his darker nature. He worked a desk job in sales in a grey cube in a bland building. Since the move, Mike has dyed his hair, come out of his shell and found his feet dealing with people of all nature and creed. Mike has always felt he’s the man of the people. The every man’s friend. Or at least that’s what he’s trying to be. He has a dislike for violence and will do what he can to avoid it – to that end, he often finds himself being his own worst enemy. In trying to please people, he has found himself getting drawn into helping people in less than fortunate circumstances- it’s a flaw in his character that he knows will get him in trouble. So far he’s avoided getting into too much trouble with the law, but he’s had a few close calls - that’s not to say he doesn’t have a few backup plans should things go south! Mike doesn't mind getting messy but his dislike of violence and his anxieties sometimes get the better of him. He is a hard worker, for the right price, he's here to make some money after all. Ultimately, He'd ideally like to find a partner and settle down as well as owning / running his own company doing something or other (he’s not decided yet).
  4. Everyone has one. It’s not always glamorous, but often essential to how we act and do what we do in the city. Whynot give us a rundown of your characters backstories below. Please try not to merge posts (one reply per character would be awesome as it allows readers to distinguish between characters). Remember, don’t post information you don’t want the general city to know, and please observe the rules (particularly regarding meta gaming when reading other people’s posts).
  5. I love me some rock / alt / punk / ska / metal (you get the idea) but I will listen to almost anything. Except dubstep. fuck dubstep! I used to play bass. I still have my Thunderbird and Jazz basses but haven't picked it up in over 2 years.
  6. I can almost here @Keiran Powers ego being inflated from here... 😉 its been a very very welcoming community and I’ve enjoyed it. Thank you all for making that so.
  7. For me, RP is a way to explore my creativity in an alternative form. I started watching it on Twitch as a different content to absorbe to my normal games, and it drew me in because of the storylines etc. That's what also gets me going about other cities, the storylines etc. The diverse nature and the way people play their characters.
  8. I want to start this thread by stating: it's not a suggestion thread - it's simply a topic of discussion. What bought you into RP? And if you visit / have come from / seen other cities (via twitch etc.), what do you like about them that's different to ours?
  9. Hey! I am vivilanco. I am a 33 year old father of two, husband, gamer, streamer and self proclaimed all around ok guy. I play alot of games, mainly around xbox one, but I have moved into GTAV RP after observing it on twitch etc. I play a number of characters on server. Mike Sapphire (aka Blue) is my main, Floki (EMS) is one of my alts. Mike is derived from my early streaming career where I put on a charity stream in drag (under the name Ms. Sapphire) - blue hair and the name. Mike is from the UK but has travelled alot and his accent is somewhat rough. He is looking to be an 'about towner' and not make waves but friends - of all types. I know this is short but talk to me, I'm here - let's make friends.
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