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  1. Name: Matthew "Matty D" Dixon Age: 28 Backstory: Matt Dixon, or Matty D aka "Dix" as his boys know to call him, was a self-described legend on the ULSA (University of San Andreas, Los Santos) campus. A proud brother of the Kappa Epsilion Kappa (KEK) fraternity, Matty D. was much more worried about the next chapter party than his next exam. Once he'd taken enough botany to know the basics of hydroponics and enough foreign language credits to say "Respect the drip" and “Yo, Shorty what your name is?” in just enough other languages to make sure the international students knew just how Matty D got down, what more did he REALLY need to learn? Much to his Liberty City lawyer father’s chagrin, this was about the extent of Matt's life planning, he'd fully intended to be a lifelong KEK brother, ride or die road dog and the reigning beer pong champion of USLA as long as his family's old school east coast trust fund money could hold out. The bad news for Matt was that exactly that happened just a few weeks into his third senior year. In this new circumstance, just what is a lifelong frat bro, frequently banned nightclub patron, and drop culture fashion addict supposed to do now that he’s stranded in San Andreas without daddy's money, any real job skills or for that matter work ethic? If only there had been more credit hours devoted to Supreme drops, the finer points of local microbreweries, and the observable effects of White Claw consumption, Matty could have arguably been much more employable. Despite his party boy bluster and bravado, Matt is an intelligent guy, on the rare occasions he chooses to apply himself. His years as a KEK brother, master of pledges, and general wingmanning have instilled a fierce loyalty into him for anyone he sees as ‘his tribe’.
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