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    DISCORD NAME: Cpt_Jeff_CHARACTER NAME: Mandie GeorgeSUGGESTION: Think it be kinda cool if instead of having to grind to get a load of money from the start, people should be able to get mortgages from the bank. Bank could set up criteria that people would have to meet to get the loans.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Think it would be better for people that want to rp the struggle of living paying all the bill etc. Also has potential to add rp ie someone plays the bank manager or if people miss payments you could have baliffs. I think this would help promote rp not just grinding to get a house.
  2. ** Uploaded and vpn gos back to wheels in motion. ** title of upload: Will The Cops Do God Will If I Take The People Paying The SINNERS! Untitled.mp4
  3. Vid With letter giving to babs Untitled.wmv
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