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  1. Mori

    Givekey Option?

    Please follow the template for suggestions next time. Also you can already share keys with a person you wish. You won't be able to store the car tho.
  2. Mori

    Dirt Money

    You have to find out in RP. You cannot use any out of game information as that would be metagaming.
  3. Nahh thank YOU! 😘
  4. I can listen to literally anything. I am more of a lyrics person tho. But I almost always have music on.
  5. I watched a good streamer friend of mine a couple of years ago RPing on another server. After a few weeks he convinced me to download fiveM as well and so I did. At first I had no clue what was going on but because I watched a lot of it on stream I had some ideas. Somehow within my first week I got myself balls deep into the criminal life and spent some good times there. At one day, I was in a van with someone from the Lost MC I was with and we were kidnapping someone; A random dude which happens to know my friend walked by so I shouted "Hop in, we're gonna kidnap this dude" at him. The guy hopping into the back of the van happened to be @Elijah; he was management/head admin or whatever it was called on the server I rped on. I had no idea about that. Fast forward to today, him and I have been together for over a year so far and hopefully many more to come. Nutty, Speed and Dragon were all staff on that same server. After a few issues, we migrated to a place called Revival Life RP where we met Keiran and a bunch of others. Some drama happened and we went through a split; which is when Capital Life RP was born. I've met Nutty and Keiran and Speed and had some great rainy days in Wales with them, as well as a very hot day in a theme park. I'm grateful for that other city and RP because without it, I wouldn't have met Elijah. Or any of these wonderful people. ❤️
  6. SIGN UP IS CLOSED! Thank you to everyone that has signed up. See you tonight. 👽
  7. 👽 FORT ZANCUDO RAID 👽 Have you always wanted to know what secrets the CLRP government have been hiding from you? Maybe you would give your life trying to protect those secrets? Now is your chance! 2 teams will compete against each other at what is otherwise a fully locked down area. HOW WILL THIS GO? You can decide which team you can be on: #TeamInvaders; your job is to obtain and expose as much secrets you can find within the military base. You will be provided with a range of weapons, armor and tools you need to succeed in your mission. #TeamSecurity; You only have one mission, KEEP THOSE SECRETS HIDDEN. You also will be provided with a range of tools, weapons and anything you need to keep those invaders from stealing what belongs to your government. MEETING TIMES & EVENT TIMES Meeting time: 9:30PM BST (By the entrance of the fort) Event starting time: 10PM BST RULES Every item, weapon, vehicle... you received for this event, if not used, has to be given back by the end of the event. Keep RP in mind and keep things fun & friendly for everyone. VDM, racism and such will still not be tolerated. Once you have been caught or downed by a security member, there will be a cooldown of 3 minutes before you are allowed to retry breaking in starting by the front gates again. Once you have been defeated by an invader, as a security team member, you will have a cooldown of 3 minutes before you are allowed back into the fort. You are to only use the weapons, tools and vehicles provided. Using anything else will disqualify you from the event. SIGN UP FORM Copy and paste the form below and reply to this topic to sign up for the event. You have until Friday September 20, 6PM to sign up. DISCORD: CHARACTER NAME: TEAM: (pick here whether you want to invade or defend)
  8. _____________¶¶__¶ 

  9. ░▄▀▄▀▀▀▀▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░
  10. ░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄
  11. Hahahaha "she will never forget this" POOR NINA!! XD So many memories. 💙💙💙
  12. Mori


    Go to the job center (marked on your map) Select "Fisherman" as your job Go to the little timer on your map, that's your job place Walk up to the circle, talk to your boss and go on duty You'll be given an option to rent a boat, however this it not obligated. You will only need the boat if you want to go fishing out on the ocean. If you took a boat, go to the fishing area in the ocean. If you didn't rent a boat, go to any of the lakes or pier areas. Press E to begin fishing, a moving bar will show up. Once the bar becomes green, hit enter. You will attempt to catch a fish. Once you are done, or you can't carry anymore fish, you will need to go to a seller point. Walk up to the seller and press E to sell your fish. Depending on your payment method (cash or debit) the money will go straight to your bank or will be handed to you in cash. [Video will be added soon.]
  13. 【 Management Team 】 Keiran Hey, I'm Keiran, I live in Scotland. I have been playing FiveM for about 3 years. I have over 6 thousand hours on FiveM (#NOLIFE), I need to add more info NuttyJim Hey, it's NuttyJim, let just say I'm the 2nd oldest of the team and I live in the Midlands, UK. I currently work as a computer engineer and have being playing FiveM for around 2 years. I also have a vast technical background and spent 15 years working in I.T. I help with the Development of the server and look after the Staff & Support Team. In addition I have a Police, EMS & a Civ Character. 【 Staff Team 】 Sp33dD3mons Well where to start…… My name is Anthony but people call me speed… i come from sunny Wales well i lied its not sunny its always raining here….. I build computers and have been since i was 15…. I deal with ban appeals and other stuffs i have 3 characters my main character is Chief Anthony John of the SASP…. Criminal is Stephen Smith he is a smart criminal and a mechanic and 3rd character i wont say who it is yet…. Elijah Hello, I’m Elijah. I’d say I’m a few centuries old now. I don’t know when I started playing FiveM but I’ve accumulated over 3000 hours so far. I am that thing that goes bump in the night and has been scaring people for a millennia. I do stuff on the server sometimes, I would say my role is overseeing all aspects of the server and help wherever I can. Mori Okay, let's talk about waffles for a moment... ? I've been around FiveM for over a year and gathered a few hours on it all together. I'm chief of EMS but I also do a lot of other things. Behind the scenes, I usually work on documentation and/or graphic related things such as images and video content. Together with Elijah, I overlook factions. DragonCastle My name DragonCastle but most just call me Dragon. I am a moderator and Deputy Chief of EMS. My daughter got me watching SOE with Sheriff Eli, Shaggy, Ella and the gang and when I retired I didn’t want to just do nothing so I got me a gaming computer and started my RP journey. I have played PC games for years like Duke Nuken, Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider and much more actually since Windows 3.1 (if that doesn’t give away my age, lol) but I may be the oldest one on the server. Joshua Hello! I’m Josh, 26 from the South West UK. I’m a full time car sales executive and gamer! My current position is Senior Support, At my heart lies an avid car enthusiast and love to do automotive photography in my spare time! I've been role playing for about 18 months, maybe more i don't remember. TheWildRP Hey! My name is Wild, more known as TheWildRP. I live in Norway and I do music as a hobby in my spare time. I started roleplaying 2 years ago, I was a roleplayer on Arma 3. I started to roleplay on Revival Life RP and I have been roleplaying with Capital Life RP. I am currently a moderator for Capital Life RP. 【 Support Team 】 Babs Coming soon Vivilanco Coming soon Daddosaurus Coming soon If you wish to become a member of the support team, you can apply here!
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