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Welcome to Capital Life RP! In this guide, you'll find most of the things you need to get started on our server. Make sure to check out the other guides as well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on Discord!

We highly recommend you read through our server rules before playing. These can be viewed HERE

Setting up your microphone:

  • Press ESC
  • Go to settings
  • Voice Chat
  • Turn voice chat on and change your output to your speakers or headphones and change the sliders to max
  • Do the same for talking but set your input as your mic and voice chat mode to push to talk
  • Push to talk is N by default
  • If you don't hear people or they don't hear you, disable and enable the voice chat.



This guide is here to help you get started with you new life in Los Santos. You should find yourself at the Train Station ready to get moving.

You need to take care of a few things first:

  • Understand how to monitor your vitals
  • Get a Job
  • Where to buy a new mobile phone, food & drink


HUD / Vitals



  • 1. Hunger Level
  • 2. Health
  • 3. Thirst Level
  • 4. VOIP Range
  • 5. Armor Level
  • 6. Stamina (Out of Car) or Fuel (In A Vehicle)


If Hunger and Thirst levels get too low it will start to hurt you. Note: The mini map only shows when in vehicles.


How to get a job:

  • Go to the job center (marked on your map, across the street from where you first start)
  • Select any job you want
  • Go to the little timer on your map, that's your job place.
  • Profit
  • To change jobs, go back to the job center and select a different one


Need help with one of the jobs? Click HERE


Mobile Phone

When you first join our city you do not own a mobile phone. You will need to go and visit the nearest store to buy one. General Stores sell these along with Food & Drink.


Keys & Commands
You can find a list of the keys and commands HERE.


Using Weapons





How to become whitelisted?
You do not have to be whitelisted to play. However, jobs such as EMS and police are whitelisted jobs. To qualify you must be 16 years or older, be in the server for 2 weeks & have shown good RP. If you would like to apply for whitelisting, please read through and file out this application form.

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