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  • Go to the job center (marked on your map)
  • Select "Fisherman" as your job
  • Go to the little timer on your map, that's your job place
  • Walk up to the circle, talk to your boss and go on duty
  • You'll be given an option to rent a boat, however this it not obligated. 
    You will only need the boat if you want to go fishing out on the ocean. 
  • If you took a boat, go to the fishing area in the ocean. 
  • If you didn't rent a boat, go to any of the lakes or pier areas. 
  • Press E to begin fishing, a moving bar will show up. 
  • Once the bar becomes green, hit enter. You will attempt to catch a fish. 
  • Once you are done, or you can't carry anymore fish, you will need to go to a seller point. 
  • Walk up to the seller and press E to sell your fish. 
  • Depending on your payment method (cash or debit) the money will go straight to your bank or will be handed to you in cash. 

[Video will be added soon.] 

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