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Housing / Hotels Guide

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/houses - View houses on the map (White Available / Red Unavailable)

/house price - View price of house

/buyhouse - Purchase House

/sellhouse - Sell house for 50% of purchase price

/house enter - Enter House

/house exit - Exit House (there is also a marker at the house door on the innside, where you can press E to exit the house)

/knock - Knock on door

/housekey - Shows Help

Garages (2 Slots)

Notes: Garages are only accessible by the house owner. When placing your garage do not place too near any objects including the actual garage to ensure your vehicle can spawn with enough space. Remember to check fences etc can open to let you in and out.

/setgarage - Sets your personal garage to your current location

/store - Stores vehicles in garage

/vehicles - Lists vehicles stored in garage

/drive [id] - Retrieves vehicle ID from garage


/outfit - Opens outfit menu

/house inv - Opens Inventory Menu


/hotels - View hotels on the map (White Available / Red Unavailable)

/hotel - Show information about the hotel

/hotel rent [Number of Days] - Rent hotel for X days

/hotel locks - Toggles Locks

/hotel enter - To enter the hotel room

/hotel exit - To exit the hotel room

/hotel inv - Opens hotel inventory

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